How Green is Green?

How Green is Green? | The Giblin Architecture BlogThe architectural and design industry is witnessing a resurgence following one of its largest contractions in history. Architects are once again opening up new doors for design concepts and incorporating innovative building designs to achieve a variety of objectives in both efficiency and function. One of the major milestones for new building designs is achieving LEED status.

Project Update: Omni Montessori School

Omni Montessori School Project in Charlotte, NC | The Giblin Architecture BlogGiblin Architecture has recently completed the Omni Montessori School project, leading the development and design of this functional educational space in Charlotte, NC. From our first meeting with the executive leadership at Omni, we focused our design on meeting the needs of this growing institution.

A Blend of Function and Style

A Blend of Function and Style | The Giblin Architecture BlogWhat Is The Difference?

What is the difference between a peanut butter sandwich and a filet mignon? They both satiate your appetite, yet the filet does it with more flavor and texture. So is the difference between simply building a structure and designing it for function and style. The main difference between “construction” and “architecture” is style and intent.

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